Exterior Paint

Murmer Aircraft Services has been refinishing the finest aircraft for over 40 years.  Murmer’s proven 21-Step Process is the key to an outstanding finish that will look great and withstand the test of time.

We start by completely removing the existing paint from the aircraft. Every seam and every rivet is thoroughly stripped and cleaned to remove all excess paint, primer and corrosion.

We then inspect the aircraft for signs of hidden damage, and correct any minor skin imperfections. The bare aircraft is then thoroughly washed and treated with an adhesion promoting solution that ensures a tight bond with overlying coatings.

Two coats of corrosion resistant epoxy primer are applied, followed by three coats of high solids polyurethane paint.

Design elements – stripes, N numbers and color accents – are then expertly laid out and painted to our customer’s exact specifications.

Finally, we carefully detail and inspect the aircraft, and roll it out looking better than new.

Take a look at some of the examples on these pages.  You’ll see why thousands of satisfied customers have chosen the Murmer Treatment for their aircraft.



  • Murmer Aircraft Services offers the best value in premium aircraft painting and interior refurbishment.  Our quality and service have been recognized by discriminating aircraft owners for over 40 years.  When you choose Murmer  you know the job will be done right, at an FAA Certified Repair Station.  We have the skill and experience to make your corporate jet, turboprop or high-end piston engine airplane look its best.

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