Full Service When You Need It

While your aircraft is in the paint or interior refurbishing process, it is a great time to address other maintenance items. Deicer boots, window replacement, LED lighting, avionics upgrades, sound proofing and many other maintenance items can be accomplished while the plane is in our shop.

Interior Options


Cabinetry finishes can really upgrade the look and feel of the interior. We specialize in Fire Rated Formica Laminate, Wood Veneer Refinishing, and Carbon Fiber Finishes.

Metal Plating

Whether you have a few pieces that need to be plated to match an existing finish, or you are ready for a complete overhaul, we have you covered.

Sound Proofing

Cabin noise can make it difficult to enjoy the experience of flying, but we can help.  We will work with you to find a custom thermal acoustic solution.

LED Interior lighting

While the interior of your aircraft is disassembled, it is a great time to install a FAA PMA approved LED lighting solution.

USB Power Outlets

Adding USB power outlets is a great way to ensure your passengers have plenty of power for their inflight devices.

Exterior Options

Deicer Boots

Properly functioning deice equipment is crucial to safe flight.  Murmer Aircraft Services is a certified installation center, so you can trust that the job will be done right!

Stainless Steel Hardware

Functional and stylish; stainless steel screws and fasteners can really make the exterior details of your aircraft stand out.

Erosion Protection

Abrasion protection products are a great way to protect your aircraft exterior from damage caused by rocks, debris, and wind and rain erosion.

Window replacement

Damaged windows can be major safety concerns, but we have you covered.  While your plane is in for paint and interior upgrades, it is the perfect time to replace scratched, crazed, or cracked windows.

Vortex Generators

VG’s can improve performance and control at low airspeeds. In many models, they are a great way to increase flight safety.